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Introducing a high-tech coating system.

Karmura® Coating is an innovative coating system made of water-based polymeric plastic, completely solvent-free, non-flammable, environmentally friendly (non-toxic) and easy to apply. Available in various colors.

It reinforces materials and structures against shock while achieving maximum protection against corrosion, noise and friction wear of components and is friendly to the environment.

KARMURA® Coating offers superior benefits through its advanced technology.

– Anticorrosive.
– Noise isolator.
– Thermal insulation (TR).
– Flame retardant (FR).
– Non-slip.
– Protection against bumps and scratches.
– Sealant and surface protector.
– Highly Thixotropic (Does not drip).

Extends the life of your assets.

Karmura® Coating has great elasticity and resistance to abrasion, it can be applied on aramid fibers, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), ceramics, ballistic steels, industrial steels, stainless steels and other materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, painted plastics, wood and other surfaces. Its physicochemical properties give it a great ability to damp external vibrations and noise, and its chemical composition strengthens surfaces without altering the physicochemical properties of materials and surfaces.

Extends the life of your assets.

Karmura® Coating is specially formulated for a wide range of industries including Agricultural, Automotive, Shielding, Advanced Composites, Construction, Industrial, Logistics, Maritime, Mining and Stock Transfer, as an exceptional material for anti-corrosion, anti-humidity, finishes, noise reduction and waterproofing. It acts as a damper for noise and vibrations. Meets the high demands of various industries and products. It generates extraordinary adhesion to various materials and surfaces in areas susceptible to corrosion, humidity, noise from friction of parts, internal work areas of utility vehicles, as well as to give a waterproof finish to visible parts.

Easily compare our product line.

We cover the protection and reinforcement needs of an innumerable number of industries, surfaces and machinery.


Protects the chassis and body components of your car, SUV, off-road, pick-ups, ATVs, UTVs, trailers, etc.

Police / Military / Armored.

Reinforces the ballistic armor, acoustic insulator, thermal insulator, anticorrosive and flame retardant. Increases the service life of tactical and armored vehicles.


Improves the integrity of the hull, prevents corrosion, protects critical components and cargo. In addition, it is acoustic, thermal and non-slip insulating.

Vehicles and agricultural tools.

Protects and extends the life of your vehicle’s chassis, machinery and components.

Industry and Construction.

Protects and extends the life of your components and structures in mining and construction, reducing wear and friction noise of components and increasing their resistance to corrosion. In addition, it is thermal insulating and intumescent (FR).

Logistics and Commercial.

Protect the chassis and body components of your vehicle, reinforce the structure of containers and dry and / or refrigerated boxes. Also, it acts as a thermal insulator reducing up to 10 delC the temperature of the applied area (load).

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    We answer your most common questions about KARMURA® Coating.

    • Our current presentations are:
      – 1L bottle (12 bottles per case)
      – 19L bucket
      – 200L drum

      If you have any specific packaging requirements, we can explore options.

    • 12 months, do not freeze.

    • It is a water based coating, so ambient temperature and percentage of humidity will have an effect on drying time:

      Coating should not be exposed to temp below 55°F during the application and curing process. There are three steps in the drying process: “dry to the touch”, “fully cured” and “fully cross linked”.

      A. Coating will be dry to the touch after:
      • 40 to 60 minutes in ambient air of 72°F and Rate of Humidity (RH) of 40%. More drying time might be required at higher RH.

      • 15 to 30 minutes in a heated booth at 130°F (Allow 15 minutes flash-off at 72 F before entering the oven).

      • 15 to 30 minutes (10 minutes flash off at 30” and 20 min full bake at 30”) under Infra-Red lamps.

      B. Coating will be fully cured after:
      • 24 hours at ambient air of 72°F and RH of 40%. More curing time might be required at higher RH.

      • 60 minutes in the oven at 130°F and a cool down period of 1 hour at 72°F.

      • 40 minutes (10 minutes flash off at 30 inches and 30 minutes full bake at 30 inches) under the Infra-Red Lamps and a 40 to 60 minutes cool down at 72°F.

      C. Coating is fully cross linked after:
      • 4 to 7 days. If your process has drying time limitations, there are ways to accelerate the drying time using hot air blowers, as well.

    • Yes, 60 min in the oven at 130°F and a cool down period of 1 hr. at 72°F, for fully cured.

    • Karmura® Coating does not contain chemicals or labor originating from China.

    • Our formulation is water based and free of:
      – Toxic components.
      – Solvent components.
      – Zinc chromate (ZnCrO4) – carcinogenic component.

    • 1 liter covers 10-15 square feet.

    • A wet thickness of 0.5-1.0 millimeters equals (500 to 1,000 microns) or (20 to 40 mils).

    • 0.13 to 0.20 lbs /sqft dry coating.

    • No. Non-hazardous materials (Non hazmat). Transport can be done by land/air shipping companies including UPS and Fedex and trucking companies.

    • Yes, we ship worldwide.

    • The development of specific colors is possible. Minimum volume requirement.

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